Our Clients 

Below are a list of our recent clients, and some information about the conferences we hosted for them;

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Climate Change

The Climate Change and Governance International Conference was held at Te Papa Tongarewa. It featured a video conference with Tony Blair, British Prime Minister )  

Visit the conference website to download the proceedings and view the video conference with Tony Blair www.vuw.ac.nz/sog/events/info-climate.aspx

Client comments

“Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to organise the Climate Change and Governance Conference. Thank you for your patience and forebearance and your professional approach to the various mountains we had to climb.  This is a significant event in the world wide efforts to ensure a safe and sustainable future for our children and the many generations to follow. Thank you for your contribution to the success of this conference and the other related activities”.


Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy, School of Governance, Victoria University of Wellington.